What Makes Us Unique


We promise...

First Integrity Mortgage Services does not believe in cross selling to clients.

That is why we are the best-kept secret...

Over our history, we have lent Billions and have thousands of satisfied customers.  We encourage you to check out our reviews online.

Are we trying to be mysterious? Not really, but we are not in the cross-selling business. Today, most mortgage lenders are banks or subsidiaries of banks. These big-tent lenders spend millions of dollars on advertising. Why? Because they can plan on cross-selling you credit cards, checking accounts, money markets, auto loans, stocks, insurance, etc.*

First Integrity Mortgage Services is an independent, mortgage-banking firm. We will not cross-sell you or your name. Our role: put you (or keep you) in the home you want with the loan you deserve. This is why someone took the time to refer First Integrity. Would you permit our President to send a personal thank you to the person who referred you to our firm? If so, click here.

Most Realtors® have reoccurring nightmares of last-minute problems and upset clients because of lenders using the outdated assembly-line system. Files are lost or hung up going back and forth between loan officers, processing, underwriting and closing departments. Its fatal flaw is that no one is required to take responsibility and ownership of the client's file. The results are agents feeling powerless with this archaic, ping-pong approach to lending.

Responsibility & Authority

In 2001, First Integrity Mortgage Services dismantled the above outdated, assembly-line system. The Loan Coordinating System has worked flawlessly for nearly a decade because it is uniquely based upon giving equal parts of responsibility and authority to one highly-skilled employee.

No longer do loan files bounce back and forth between loan departments. Our loan coordinators take complete ownership of each client's file. Since most of our loan coordinators have been with First Integrity Mortgage Services for more than 15 years on average, our clients and our referring sources develop true relationships.

*Unless you want another credit card, ask the loan officer if your name will be sold or if you will be solicited for other services from the bank.