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The PowerPlus Mortgage

PowerPlus is a special loan program designed for qualified borrowers who choose not to put 20% down. At First Integrity Mortgage Services, we understand that everyone has a unique financial situation. Whatever your individual needs, our PowerPlus Mortgage can provide the flexibility you need on your journey to homeownership. 

How Does it Work?

With PowerPlus Mortgage, a borrower can purchase a home up to $892,894 with as little as 5% down and a credit score of 700 or better (some restrictions apply), giving you more buying power. The best part? No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) will be added to your payment, saving you even more!

A PowerPlus Mortgage can help you:

  • Save a significant amount of money over the life of the loan
  • Build equity faster
  • Lower your monthly payment
  • Keep cash reserves
  • Avoid Jumbo loans
  • Borrow more due to the elimination of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

Want to see how a PowerPlus Mortgage can affect your down payment and interest rates? Check out our PowerPlus Savings Calculator. This program is offered in Missouri and Illinois, and is underwritten in St. Louis, MO. Restrictions apply.

How to Apply for a PowerPlus Mortgage

Questions? Our dedicated team of Loan Officers can help you choose the best loan for your unique financial situation. To learn more about our PowerPlus Loan contact us at 314-878-7900 or apply online today.