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Lock and Shop Loans

Mortgage rates fluctuate —  and since it’s impossible to predict how rates will change daily — locking your rate will give you peace of mind before you start house hunting. With our Lock & Shop program, you can take advantage of today’s current rates, removing the uncertainty from homebuying. When you’re ready to put in an offer on a home, you’ll know exactly what you can afford with a competitive mortgage rate in hand!. 

At First Integrity Mortgage Services, Inc., we’ve worked with countless homebuyers like you. Finding your dream home is an exciting time, and First Integrity Mortgage Services Inc.’s Lock & Shop Program was designed to make your homebuying experience worry-free!  

How it Works

Lock your loan while you shop for your dream home! If you’re worried about rates going up while you search, we have you covered for 60 to 90 days. That means you’ll know exactly what makes sense for your budget and can shop with confidence and clarity.

Lock Your Mortgage Rate

Apply for a loan with First Integrity Mortgage Services Inc. to lock your rate before you start your home search.

Shop for Your Home

Even if rates increase while you’re home shopping, your rate is locked and will not go up.

Relax and Enjoy the Ride

Lock and shop gives you peace of mind while you’re home shopping so you can enjoy the home buying process without worrying about increasing rates.

*All loans are subject to underwriter approval and additional terms and conditions may apply.

How to Start

Financing a home doesn’t have to be a confusing or stressful process. At First Integrity Mortgage Services, Inc., we’ll work with you to answer all your questions, guide you and prepare you to purchase a home with a clear understanding of your mortgage. Our qualified team of Loan Officers will help you find the best loan program for your needs.

To learn more about locking your rates while you shop for a home, contact us at 314-878-7900 or apply online today.

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