Why First Integrity Mortgage Services in St. Louis! 

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By: Michelle Lewis

When considering which lender to choose for your mortgage loan, why should you think First Integrity Mortgage Services?  

First Integrity because We Care! We Think! We Deliver! For us, those words are more than just a slogan; they are a source of pride in who we are and what we do. It is our priority to provide you with the best service, process, and options! We are local, offer a refined process along with competitive products and pricing, we are relationship-oriented and community involved, educated, experienced, and here for you.  

Why First Integrity? We Care! We genuinely care about our clients, community, employees, and referral sources. You are not just a number but are our priority, and we care about providing you with the best service and options available!

As a testament to our commitment to client satisfaction, see what over 400 of our clients have said in their 5 Star Google Reviews (check out our 5 Star Google Reviews).

We also care about our community, and we give back; every month, we donate to a charity in our community that a member of our First Integrity Family is personally involved with because we believe in community involvement. We also contribute annually to our primary local philanthropy The BackStoppers, who assist families of fallen first responders. 

Why First Integrity? Because our leadership cares about employees, providing us with the tools and support needed to be best equipped in the industry. They invest in their employees, offering education and insight above and beyond any other lender in the area. This backing from leadership is rare and priceless in the mortgage industry.

Speaking of leadership, we have the best! Our leader, Joe Bayer Jr., was previously the president of the St. Louis Chapter of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) and currently as the Secretary of Mortgage Bankers Association of Missouri. Also, he is currently serving (as appointed by the governor of Missouri himself) on the Residential Mortgage Board.

Kiara Johnson, a loan officer at First Integrity, is the current president of the St. Louis Mortgage Bankers Association chapter. Her installation made history as she is the first African American President in the chapter.  

At First Integrity, we are encouraged to become involved within the communities we serve. This community involvement keeps our fingers on the pulse in our industry, keeping our enterprise educated and most informed so that we can best serve our clients, community, and referral partners.

Why First Integrity? We think!  We think outside of the box. We do not conform with the way things have always been done, but do them differently, with better results! Also, due to the structure, The First Integrity Difference (check out the video here), of our enterprise, we have the unique opportunity to offer rational lending. We know that not everyone fits in the same little box, and we can offer solutions with make-sense lending practices. To put it simply and to quote our SVP of Sales, Dan Goldman, we have more products and programs than any other lender out there, from home improvement loans to first time home buyer products, to healthcare workers loans, to hobby farms. We also have the ability to fund the loan ourselves, so you are not waiting for a wire from someone (in another state) to send over funds.   

Why First Integrity? We deliver! We have a proven and improved process. We do not have the typical segmented, outdated “assembly line” approach to mortgage lending like most companies, where five or so different strangers in different departments work on your loan. With these lenders, you may have your loan processed, underwritten, closed in all different locations. With that structure, your processor may be in Iowa, underwriting in Florida, closing in Dover (with none of the staff knowing each other or having any working relationship) leaving you to feel like a ping pong ball bouncing around people’s desks! At First Integrity, we collaborate and work as a team. We have on-site underwriting, management, and operations and solid working relationships.  

So Why First Integrity Mortgage Services? We understand that when you choose a lender, there are many factors to consider. Call us today to learn more about what we can offer you, and to see first-hand how we care, we think, and we deliver!

If you or someone you know is thinking about homeownership or refinancing at this time, have them reach out to First Integrity Mortgage Services in St. Louis, MO today.

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