Reverse Mortgages in St. Louis Reverse Mortgages in St. Louis, MO 

By David Puzniak with First Integrity Mortgage Services in St. Louis, MO 

Social Security was never meant to be the sole source of income in retirement, yet 23% of married couples and 46% of single people receive 90% or more of their income from Social Security.

Plus…68% of Baby Boomers will carry mortgage debt into retirement.That being said, many retirees are not prepared for income loss or increased spending.  

The Reverse Mortgage was created to provide flexibility in diversifying a seniors’ income and assets. This happens by allowing them access to the hard-earned equity built up in their home. A Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit can be the difference between financial hardship and comfortably staying in your home. 

The benefits of a reverse mortgage in St. Louis:

  • The ability to use your home equity - That will help you maintain a more comfortable standard of living, in your own home
  • Great flexibility - You can choose to take your proceeds as a line of credit; monthly advances for a set period of time; a monthly stream of funds for as long as you live in your home; a lump sum; or a combination of these options.
  • No monthly mortgage payments - If you qualify and have an existing mortgage, home equity loan or any other type of debt, you can pay it off and reduce your monthly expenses. Or, if you own your home free-and-clear, you can get the additional funds you need with no minimum monthly repayments required. (As the homeowner, you remain responsible for paying property taxes, homeowners insurance, and homeowner’s association dues if applicable.)
  • Opportunity to have funds for travel.
  • A cushion for the unexpected.

No matter the decision you choose to make regarding a Reverse mortgage or refinancing, it is recommended you use a qualified mortgage professional to assist you with your decision. You will want to share your financial goals with your mortgage professional in order to provide them with the information necessary to properly advise you to meet your financial goals.

Licensed mortgage professionals at First Integrity Mortgage Services use their experience, expertise, and the special programs available to discover your goals, present multiple relevant options, and recommend the program that best meets YOUR needs!

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